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Strategic Planning

Asset Centered Approach

We take an asset-centered approach to our planning exercises.  It is essential to showcase all relevant stakeholders including municipal, community, n.g.o’s, institutions and business people to share the work that they are  doing to build supports for active transportation.  Before we move into visioning and planning we want to get on the same page and celebrate the achievements and great things about our community.

Strategic Plan for Georgian Bay Township
Georgian Bay report cover

We work with local advisories to ensure a broad cross section of participants.  In this way participants are “in on the ground level” and opportunities for collaboration can emerge more readily.


Each strategic planning exercise begins with a scan of locally relevant projects and available statistics that may provide a spring-board for active transportation initiatives. For example, in recent workshops in Burlington, Acton and Georgetown we reviewed:
•    planning and development proposals,
•    proposed transportation projects
•    parks and recreation trail plans and proposals and
•    opportunities that were identified by other stakeholders, for example, a new farmers market proposal and new transit infrastructure improvements (a station, shelters and benches). 

Connecting Trails, Communities and the Brickworks in the Lower Don, Workshop in Toronto

Don Valley