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As a planner, Paul has provided expert witness testimony at the Ontario Municipal Board on matters related to active transportation supports.

Paul has worked with various municipal departments including health (Simcoe Muskoka, Niagara, Halton, Haldiman Norfolk, and others), transportation (City of Toronto, Niagara Region and Halton Region), parks and recreation (City of Toronto), and Councillors (City of Toronto, City of Burlington). He understands the chains of accountability and the process of moving from strategic planning through to budgeting approval for capital improvements.

Paul has reviewed numerous Official Plans, part 2 plans and urban design guidelines.


As a landscape architect and urban designer he understands how policy shapes the built environment including building codes, accessibility legislation and various other design standards for walks, lighting, trees, and multi-use trails.

Paul developed a policy review framework for Official Plans to determine how the plans could better support a healthier community – including active transportation.

He has written various reports for Regional and Municipal councils including The Region of Niagara, Minden’s Active Transportation Plan, Aldershot/Burlington, Georgetown and Acton.